My Story

Angus Moloney is the CEO an founder of ABEM DigitalCreations. He has been the employee of the month for 8 months running.

Alright, let’s all agree that third person bios are a little strange. My name is Angus, and I build websites. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs with their business strategy and managing their online presence. Though I started purely as a web designer, it quickly became clear to me that many of my clients did not have a clear idea of what they were supposed to put on their site. Without my clients knowing what they really wanted, it was difficult to build them an effective, functional website—sort of like a carpenter without any wood. I realized that helping my clients with their business strategy offered far more value than just building them a website, though both are quite necessary. I started learning everything I could about entrepreneurship and business and have since become quite knowledgeable. I read books, articles, watched countless hours of videos and online courses, and listened to podcasts.

My Skills

Business Strategy










By far my favorite way of getting info on business—and on any subject really—is podcasts. Below are my top three favorite podcasts:

When I am not listening to podcasts, I like to listen to music while I work. My favorite source of music is Here are my current top three playlists: